Hello Dimitri,
I do not think the documents in htdocs/docs folder are obsolete. Please do not delete them. They are linked to from wiki and are nice guides on how to do certain things. How you came to the conclusion that we _definitely_ do not need them remains hidden to me.
Best regards,

On 2/27/07, Dimitry Polivaev <dpolivaev@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Further I am going to create a special Download Package for the Flash
>> Browser.
> I understood the Flash and Java browsers are now part of the complete
> package, because they're required for the corresponding export. Does it
> make sense to create/have separate packages? People needing those will
> anyway download the complete one.

The reason for separating the packages is that the development of the
flash viewer takes place separately from the development of the java
programs. Separating the packages makes possible separating of the

But I agree that including of the latest version of the flash browser in
the main package makes sense too. Chris, could you include the flash
browser in the standard package?

Eric, can you follow my arguments?

>> I would also like to clean the project web site up. There are a lot of
>> stuff we do not need any more. For this I shall write a support request
>> to the SourceForge stuff in order to get a write access to all files and
>> directories for all freemind developer. After that I shall write here
>> what files and directories have to be deleted. Finally I shall delete
>> all files which are no more relevant.
> Not sure what you exactly mean here. Example?

We definitely do not need the most part of the stuff below:

/home/groups/f/fr/freemind$ du (filtered by me)
85636   .
1508    ./htdocs/MindMapDocs
4       ./htdocs/dan_test_versions
3704    ./htdocs/profiling
10072   ./htdocs/testversions_private
20480   ./htdocs/testversions
8       ./htdocs/dimitri_testversions
2200    ./htdocs/docs/javahelp
1864    ./htdocs/docs/compile
1224    ./htdocs/docs/Serving Freemind maps in a browser
4640    ./htdocs/docs/installer
2936    ./htdocs/docs/features
824     ./htdocs/docs/Using CVS via Eclipse
608     ./htdocs/docs/HTML User Guide
14320   ./htdocs/docs
116     ./htdocs/installer
84      ./htdocs/CVSROOT
3264    ./htdocs/javadoc
2216    ./htdocs-0.4
4       ./log


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