Dear Dan,

recently, I published 0.9.0 RC11. IMHO, it solves every issue from

Regarding the problem you described: the stack size is too small to
let the replacement function work properly (there are too many recursions, that can't be reduced inside XSLT due to the nature of this language).
So, the map gets converted
correctly, if you start the .bat (this includes -Xss8M) or on a Mac.
Otherwise, it is now opened without conversion, but with a loss of data and an error message in the status bar.
Can you integrate the stack option into the freemind.c?

TIA, Chris

Am 08.11.10 15:52, schrieb Dan Polansky:
Hello Chris,

as regards 18. "Conversion from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 drops indentation in
notes" and the proposed bug fix by adjusting the file

I have downloaded the XSLT, placed it into freemind.jar, and tested
the result. It seems to do what it should, with one exception.

What is does correctly: It converts indentation in notes correctly,
and it converts "a b" as "a b" instead of "a&#160b", as it should.

What is does erroneously: I have a test mind map "Notes and encryption
after conversion", which it fails to load; it gives the exception
"Error while parsing Stream closed" placed
to a root node. I attach the test mind map "Notes and encryption after
conversion" to this email. In 0.9.0 RC9, the test mind map gets opened
without a failure, albeit with conversion mistakes such as missing
newlines in notes. In 0.9.0 RC10 with the new XSLT, the mind map does
not get opened at all.

Best regards,

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