Hi Dimitry,

calm down a little, please,

Thanks, Chris

Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:
Hi Chris,

you have changed resolution of this bug to "Works for me". Does it mean 
that you are not going to fix the problem? We still stick to JRE 1.4.2 
because your MAC can not be upgraded for free. Not everybody can 
upgrade. So don't you think that we MUST offer a better solution because 
YOU have produced the problem which has never exist before Beta 17 was 
released? It would make me very upset.

Kind regards,

Hi Dimitry,

thanks for investigation.


Dimitri Polivaev schrieb:
Hello Chris,

I explicitly ask you to answer this mail because you have never written responses to my previous mails about this important issue. I have done some investigations why users can not open maps from network directories any more. It seems that the issue can be reproduced for JRE 1.5 because of bug http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=5086147 . 

To reproduce the problem try the following:

(further I write partly in german because I have only german windows version )

1. Release any windows directory for network access using explorer menu 

Datei->Eigenschaften->Freigabe->Diesen ordner freigeben

2. Copy any mind map to this directory.

3. Run Freemind using command line from freemind directory with arguments like

C:\Programme\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin\java -cp lib\freemind.jar;lib\commons-lang-2.0.jar;lib\for
ms-1.0.5.jar;lib\jibx\jibx-run.jar;lib\jibx\xpp3.jar;lib\bindings.jar freemind.m
ain.FreeMindStarter \\<Computername>\<ReleasedDirectory>\<MindMap>.mm

Now you should see the problem which has been fixed only for JRE 1.6 

I ask you to acknoledge the existence of this problem and to take some measures e.g. reverting all changes you made the users of JRE 1.5 and freemind suffer from.

Kind regards,

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