Hi Dimitry,

ad 1: Thanks for your investigation. It is correct. There has to be a cut first. The change was to prevent data loss, when paste doesn't work. The only possibility - currently- is a closed encrypted node. This was prevented by another change, you'll see, when you update from CVS. I prefer my solution as it has more error checking.

ad 2: I tried with win XP but with the changes you'll find under CVS now. There is a new map format called "0_9_0" which differs from "0_9_0_beta8" in that spaces in links are replaced by %20. With this change Dan's solution works. Yours doesn't work with this change.
Conceptually, it is better to store spaces as %20 as this is the correct url format.

I'll publish beta18 soon, that contain these corrections.



Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:
Hello Chris,

I have investigated two bugs and found ways to fix them.

1. [ 1969704 ] Local Hyperlinks don't work after destination is moved around

The problem arises from the fact that the dropped node is cut too late and consequently gets a new ID which is wrong. Could you please analyze my bug fix proposal contained in file MindMapNodeDropListener.java lines  205 to 214

2. Files linked to nodes can not be opened under Windows since Beta 17. The attached Freemind.java fixes the problem removing lines proposed by Dan (lines 5777 to 579). Could you please look at them and response.

Because you do not react to my previous mails concerning this fact I am very disappointed.


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