Hi Eric,

yes, sure, if they accept to help us, I add them directly.
Would you please write the mails to them?

Thanks, Chris

Eric Lavarde schrieb:
Hi Chris,

testers must be able to change fields, (re)assign and close bugs (if 
obsolete) which they have not submitted. For this, they need to be 
developer, and possibly tracker manager (not sure what the minimal 
correct role is!?).

As for specific name, perhaps Ray is still willing to help (I think he's 
still on the list, so he can answer for himself), or perhaps Ryan 
(r6vyyavryg) who is helping quite a lot users on FreeMind's forum (I 
could ask him if you agree).

Basically, there are still remaining 130+ unassigned (and unreviewed) 
bugs in the tracker, and it'll take me time to go through them, help 
would be more than appreciated.


Christian Foltin (GMX) wrote:
Hi Eric,

oops, whom should I add? Did I missed something?

I support the things written in the wiki at


And I support the new icons, but I don't find the time to introduce them.
Currently, I'm fixing bugs as you surely have noticed.
Dimitry too fixed some bugs, and I think that we get a very good next release.

Thanks Dan for your comment on toUri. I'll try that.

Yours, Chris

Eric Lavarde schrieb:
Hi Chris,

could we have your opinion, you're the one who can add new users.


Dimitri Polivaev wrote:
as promised, my proposal(s): 

Generally I support the things you have written there.I am not sure
about the patches because I do not like the current design very much,
and I am afraid that sometimes it could be too difficult to right a
proper patch not introducing another bugs. I have already had a good
expririence as users investigated the problem and gave me a very good
description. In this case we have developed a bug fix together.


I like your idea of using sum of numeric values for calculating the
priority. I would sligthly change some details: now we have 4 choices
of "Users impacted". Because the most bugs are not plattform
specific, we would have "+2" on all bugs. I would rather use only
choices "many" and "few" with values of "0" amd "-1".


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