Hi Eric,

oops, whom should I add? Did I missed something?

I support the things written in the wiki at

And I support the new icons, but I don't find the time to introduce them.
Currently, I'm fixing bugs as you surely have noticed.
Dimitry too fixed some bugs, and I think that we get a very good next release.

Thanks Dan for your comment on toUri. I'll try that.

Yours, Chris

Eric Lavarde schrieb:
Hi Chris,

could we have your opinion, you're the one who can add new users.


Dimitri Polivaev wrote:
as promised, my proposal(s): 

Generally I support the things you have written there.I am not sure
about the patches because I do not like the current design very much,
and I am afraid that sometimes it could be too difficult to right a
proper patch not introducing another bugs. I have already had a good
expririence as users investigated the problem and gave me a very good
description. In this case we have developed a bug fix together.


I like your idea of using sum of numeric values for calculating the
priority. I would sligthly change some details: now we have 4 choices
of "Users impacted". Because the most bugs are not plattform
specific, we would have "+2" on all bugs. I would rather use only
choices "many" and "few" with values of "0" amd "-1".



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