Hi Dimitry,

thanks for your detailed description.
Under Linux, this behaviour doesn't exists. I'll try under Windows.

Yours, Chris

Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:

I believe you could not guess wrong. I opened a map "NeueMindmap.mm" 
from my  directory "D:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\d\Eigene Dateien" (D: 
is my system drive). I exported it as java applet to the same directory 
only confirming all freemind's  questions whenever required. At the end 
I got the picture you have seen.

I suppose that you last changes coursed no map can be exported into 
directory with name containing spaces because the spaces are somehow 
replaced by "%20" strings.


Dear Dimitry,

can you please make a proper description, what you've done. From your 
picture, I can only guess..


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