Dear Dan,

thank you for your clear statements. I accept the new role and hope to help getting FreeMind foreward.

A this point, it is time to thank you, Dan, for your contributions to this project.
In particular, your quality and documentation efforts have been more than I would normally expect to be done in such a project.
I'll try my best to keep this high quality and to improve the documentation steadily.

Finally, I express my hope that you still feel aligend to this project and that we hear from you in the discussions or, if you like something very much (or the contrary).

Best regards,


Dan Polansky schrieb:
Dear all,

herewith, I am officially handing over all my responsibilities and authorizations in the role of FreeMind director to Christian Foltin; this new role of Christian Foltin shall become valid as soon as he agrees to take over this role in a public answer to this email.

The following two lists are not comprehensive.

The responsibilities AKA duties include the following:
-- to guarantee high quality in final releases, preventing regressions against previous versions as far as possible
-- to prevent copyright breaches and irresponsible dealing with copyright issues
-- to coordinate translation efforts
-- to ensure that the documentation in the mind map is updated upon final release, either by updating it himself or by delegating the task

The authorizations AKA rights include the following:
-- to manage the FreeMind wiki, including its engine and its content
-- to manage all the technical items at FreeMind's SourceForge project, including shell services, database services, CVS, trackers, forums, and the mailing lists.
-- to determine the label of a release, like alpha, beta, RC, and final
-- to block a version from releasing because of insufficient quality
-- to add and remove members of the FreeMind team.

I wish the new director good luck in his efforts.

Best regards,
Daniel Polansky
FreeMind director

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