I have to have a filter on my email that warns me when I'm putting in stuff that's likely to anger people. Sometimes, emotions get the best of all of us.

I may be misunderstanding things, but I don't think anyone meant to challenge anyone's authority. I got the impression that Dimitry was trying to find a reasonable way to get this task done. I would imagine that we all want some say in who is filtering the bugs, since it affects everyone, and I can't imagine anyone appointing someone to that responsibility without getting buy-in from the rest of the team.

Weekend is here. Don't let anger spoil it. :)


Dan Polansky wrote:
And one more thing, Eric.

I am actually barely controlling my anger. It would be very kind of you if would start to communicate in a less angering manner. Avoiding exclamation marks and strong words would be a nice place to start.

Best regards,

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