Maybe we could have a "pending reject" kind of status, that would let originators know that without more information, we have to close their bugs. If, after 2 weeks, there is no new information, we close them.


Dimitry Polivaev wrote:
I'd be more blunt in my approach: if, after a reasonable amount of effort,
we can't reproduce it, we just close it. I did it recently for one of the
bugs, putting it pending to give the user a chance to react (OK, it was
also so that he/she provided next to no information).

The only remaining question are about who could spend his time in 
evaluating the requests and whether he is allowed to close the requests 
that seems to be wrong (or set them to pending status so that the 
originator can response).

FYI: I have done an experience that some of the bugs can be demonstrated 
only with some J2SE versions.


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