Hi Dimitry,

there is one problem: it is not stored not clear whether or not a node is a long node or not.
In other words: the decision "using formatting or not?" is asked for non-html nodes every time
the editor is opened as it cannot be stored currently.
Two solutions: store the fact, that it is a long node or develop criteria for the determination
of the "longness" of a node.

>From my point of view, the user should decide once for a longer  time what he wants to do: html like probably most of our users and perhaps non-html for the power users that want to store as much text as possible without markup. After two or three of this decisions, he would press "Don't ask me again" and everything is fine (my opinion, I repeat).
Perhaps, we should make html as the default from the beginning, and let the rest for the power users (ie. go to the preferences and switch the decision off, etc.)


Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:
I think I made a similar comment some time back. Once someone has 
decided a particular node should be a long node, it should stay that 
way. Although, we should provide a way to change it to a short node 
later. But I agree, once a decision has been made, we shouldn't keep 
asking the question. It goes against the concept of making the use of 
FreeMind as streamlined as possible.

I support the requests. Chris couldn't you join the discussion or just 
improve the implementation?


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