I noticed, when I checked the Media Wiki site, that they do have some support for SVG in the current version. Do you know if updating the site can be done easily, or is it a major bit of work? I wound up moving my site to another CMS because my earlier one was way too hard to upgrade. MediaWiki looks pretty well put together, though.


Dan Polansky wrote:
Hi Ray,

no idea. Notice though that FreeMind wiki uses quite an old version of MediaWiki.


On 10/3/07, Ray Benjamin < raybenjamin@comcast.net> wrote:
Hey guys,

How do I upload a SVG file to the Wiki and then get it to display. I
can't find anything definitive in the Wiki help. I'd like to upload the
SVG versions of the butterfly logo and the monarch drawing I did, so
others can use them to create button/banner art, if they wish.


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