If we're going to consider a more powerful bug tracker, I'd recommend Bugzilla for the following reasons:
  1. It's used quite widely and is under very active development.
  2. It's already used by a great number of open source and proprietary projects, meaning that new developers we attract are more likely to know Bugzilla than many of the alternatives.
  3. Bugzilla can interface with Eclipse, making it very easy for a developer to download his/her tickets and upload results.
  4. Most of the FreeMind developers appear to be using Eclipse.

P.S.: I don't know anything about Mantis. It might be quite wonderful, but if it's not as widely used as Bugzilla then it might be less stable and might represent another learning hoop for new developers to jump. This is just my opinion and my knowledge is limited on this subject.

Dimitry Polivaev wrote:
Hi Eric,

I would like to point your attention to combibox "resolution" present in 
   track issue detailed description. It has different states. Now I 
always switch resolution to "fixed" after doing a bug fix. This field is 
not shown in the summary table, although it was requested many times.

If we want to have a more capable bug tracker, we could use mantis which 
can run at source forge web server and requires only php4 and mysql 
(http://www.mantisbt.org/). Currently I am working on a freemind plugin 
which can automatically report us exception traces. I am going to use 
mantis for storing and working with the submitted reports.


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