If you will work with me, I might be able to learn to help. Also, once I get up to speed, I'll try to verify that bugs are really fixed, as long as I have enough info to reproduce the bug in the first place.


Eric Lavarde - FreeMind wrote:

moving is over, we've got a new apartment and, hopefully, myself some more
time for FreeMind (though I still have some boxes to unpack and stuff to
repair/improve - ask my wife ;-) ).

I second Dimitry's statement, we should just create tickets, assign them
to the responsible developer, and when it's done in CVS, it's assigned to
the tester by the developer, then Closed by the tester (after testing of

I remember the lengthy discussion we had about different states in the
tracker, and the above is the best suggestion I can make with the limited
functionality of SF's tracker.

If the plan is found good, I would volunteer to check (aka reproduce or
close), set priority and assign the existing bugs, agreeing that bugs with
priority > 5 must and =5 should be closed before release. Nevertheless a
few more "assigners" would be helpful (especially with Windows and Mac
test systems), I'm still limited in my bandwidth.

Cheers, Eric

Dimitry Polivaev said:

there are no news from me. I think that using the bug tracker could make
assigning of the issues to developers and tracking of their status easier.