currently we have due to the freemind.exe:

   arguments[1] = "-Xmx256M";   // Allow Java to consume as much as 256 MB of memory

To increase this, which I support, please write a mail to Dan. He is able to compile this starter.


Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:

I forward one mail to the list because I support the proposal expressed 
there:  the maximal allowed heap memory should be increased to allow all 
users and not only java - freaks to work with bigger mind maps.

What value should be used there? I think that 512 MB is enough, but we 
could take even more.

Best regards, Dimitry



you answered to the reported 'out of memory'-situation on
large maps:

"My profiling results show that Beta13 allocates 
significantly less memory than Beta12 because I did some 
optimizations. It still uses about 10% more memory than 
FreeMind 0.8.0 because of additional functionality. I do 
not think that memory print can be reduced more. So if you 
have large mind maps just start java with an argument 
-Xmx128m or even -Xmx1024m enabling java to allocate up to 
128 MB or even 1024 MB .  
If you think that profiling using your particular map 
could help me to make further improvements, send it to my 
source forge user email address." 

I tried your suggestion with 1024 MB on the freemind.bat
file and it worked even on extremely large maps. Is there
any way to pass the same kind of argument to the
freemind.exe? This would be nice, because the bat-file
could be subject to be changed without notice in each one
of the FM-versions. To schedule the exe-file with the '-
Xmx1024'-parameter and the mm-filename would give the
community a much more reliable solution.

Best regards - Jo Wesenberg

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