well, I proposed that. I agree.


Eric Lavarde schrieb:

I'm missing Dimitry (at least) and Chris agreeing on the below.


Eric%Lavar.de wrote:

Krzysztof Foltman said:
Eric Lavarde wrote:
- create TAG (aligned with SimplyHTML version) in SimplyHTML-CVS each
time a new binary version is uploaded into FreeMind-CVS.

- create release of SimplyHTML (code & binary + CVS TAG) before each
_stable_ release of FreeMind is created, for binary integration into the

I think it's fine (best solution so far) - as long as a person
responsible for interaction with SimplyHTML project (Dimitry, right?)
will ensure all necessary steps are done in right order. We can always
try to rely on a script or even a paper "release checklist" in order to
improve the process in case it somehow fails to work.
Dimitry is the main one to agree of course.

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