I prefer not having another list as the current forums/lists are too many IMHO.
Please, keep the OpenDiskussion list for that purpose.

Thanks, Chris

Eric Lavarde schrieb:

for this kind of needs, many projects use daily (or nightly) CVS builds, 
numbered after the date of the CVS export. I don't know if the SF 
infrastructure allows for automated builds. But they don't need to be 
daily or automated.


Dimitry Polivaev wrote:

currently new beta versions come with considerably delay because a lack 
of test: We do not have time for extensive testing, and we do not like a 
broad distribution of untested versions.

In the hope that there could be people willing to be the first persons 
testing new versions with new features, I am going to create a new 
mailing list freemind-testversions@lists.sourceforge.net, so that the 
versions with latest bug fixes and newest features can be posted there.

All versions posted there shall have an alpha status. They should obey 
the requirements for the alpha versions as define in the freemind 
release process.

NB: It leads to the common numeration for beta and alpha versions e.g. 
beta10, alpha11, beta11, alpha12, beta12, rc12 etc.

I see following advantages of using the list comparing to simply 
uploading alpha versions to the FreeMind web server:

1. The tester are explicitly known as the list subscribers, and they can 
subscribe and unsubscribe any time.

2. The same channel is used for announcing, distribution, discussions 
and bug reports of alpha versions.

3. Web server disc space is saved.

4. Our work is immediately disposable for the public, and significantly 
more people can test it before official release.

Any thoughts?
Best  regards, Dimitry

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