Hi Dimitry,

I asked you to make one "official" release of SimplyHTML before we make a *final* release of FreeMind (say 0.9.0, 1.0.0, etc.).
This is not very often.

To create a tag each time you make a new jar that you introduce into FreeMind is of help.
Does SimplyHTML has  a release number built into? Can this tag reflect this release number?
Then it is no problem to reconstruct the sources from CVS given the jar in FreeMind.

Best regards, Chris

Dimitry Polivaev schrieb:
Hi Chris,

Thus, I still prefer that you make proper SimplyHTML releases, tag your
source code and we don't put the sources into FreeMind.
This is  - by far - more easy and less error prone.

In the present time I change SimplyHTML in one of two cases:

* if somebody reports a bug,
* if somebody submits a patch.

In both cases I use to update both SimplyHTML CVS and FreeMind CVS.

If I understand you correctly, you request that I *always* create a new 
release package before submitting any new version of SimplyHTML into 
FreeMind and write its tag in the FreeMind history. Or should I simply 
create a new Tag?


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