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#852 hyperlinks in notes


I can add hyperlinks to a note's HTML, but they are not clickable. (FM 0.9, on Windows.) It would be very helpful if they were clickable.

Related: it would be great if a node's context menu included "open note in window" (with the window providing active hyperlinks) or, as a more immediately achievable approach, "open note in browser".


  • Tinmar

    Tinmar - 2013-11-04

    I'll try to have a go at this.

    • Tinmar

      Tinmar - 2013-11-07

      I'm giving up. There seems to be an implementation (line 391) of this but it isn't working. I've been looking into this for about 4 hours now and I don't seem to get any further as I don't really know where to look.

  • sensor66

    sensor66 - 2014-04-15

    Hyperlinks in notes would be an essential feature for me.
    Requested features: click link to go to web or to open a local file.
    Link text can be different from hyperlink.
    Would be especially great if we can import Word pages with links and have them work right away. Well... after saving them to html first is fine too.

    Hope this can be realized soon.
    For the rest i find FreeMind an absolutely great programme, would love to use it.

    ===== EDIT =====
    My goodness guys, this has also be implemented already in 1.01 ! Fabulous. Just press Control-click and there we go.
    Including automatic links from word documents!

    This FreeMind project would be a lot stronger if care would be taken for a better Help texts. Many implemented features cannot be found. Took me hours to find Ctrl-t, another day to find Ctrl-click on a hyperlink...

    Last edit: sensor66 2014-04-15

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