#849 Delicious-like tags


Request for enhancement:
Ability to quickly tag a node. When the "add tag" command is executed on a node, a textfield is displayed as well as a dropdown/combobox off that text field. If you type something completely new, you just made a new tag and applied it to this, the first node to have that tag. If you pick a tag from the combo box, then you apply that existing tag to this node. As you type the tag name in the textfield, the dropdown/combobox displays just tags that already exist in this mindmap that match what you've typed thus far. This helps you keep your tags consistent across many nodes.

Then, a corresponding ability to quickly jump too all of the nodes tagged with a particular tag (similar to ctrl-f / ctrl-g)

I do this now by adding @${tagname} as a child node.
Then I hit ctrl-f, search for the tag, and hit ctrl-g to loop through

The advantage of my feature request over this way is that the feature being requested makes it much easier to maintain a finite consistent set of tags. My current way makes it pretty easy to forget what exactly the tag was you used before for this same concept and get inconsistent.

Example of usefulness - if somebody is using Freemind as their Getting Things Done trusted system repository (as I do) then there's a desire to keep the whole thing organized one way (processed and ready one shot actions under "TODOs" vs. processed and ready next step actions deeper down in more complex projects).
And there's a need to tag these actions with things and then be able to pull up a list of actions with that tag. I might create a tag like @phone, and then if I have some time where I can make phone calls, I might loop through the list of all the actions tagged with @phone regardless of where they are in the mindmap.


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