#805 Extend note editor, or allow spawning an external editor


I have had great success using FreeMind to write highly structured technical documentation. Each node generally represents a topic, though the script I use for converting maps to html can format nodes specially based on the icons attached to them (e.g. for callouts), and the content of each topic node is written in its note.

So far, FreeMind has been really great for this, but for this to work past the draft stage, I need more formatting options within the notes editor. Specifically, I want to be able to create arbitrary xml tags, which my stylesheets will then know what to do with. While I could go into SimplyHTML's "HTML Code view" to do this, that requires doing all the markup by hand, which isn't really an option.

I can think of two solutions to this problem:

1) Make the notes editor extensible, so that I can associate arbitrary tags with a hotkey or other shortcut, and ideally some kind of visual cue (color, font, etc-- doesn't have to look like the output).

2) Add the option to spawn an external editor to modify a node's notes, or idelly the xml of the node its self, then do a syntax check and import of the node upon save or close.

The second option might prove to have the best balance between ease of implementation and flexibility, since most xml people will already have their editor of choice set up to their liking, and then you wouldn't have to worry about implementing everyone's favorite features.


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