#775 Mac file chooser interface horrible! Use other binding/lib?



I love FreeMind. It's an absolute pro app! Totally efficiency optimized! All its keystrokes and GUI behaviors are very intuitive! They simply follow standard software conventions and common sense. Now I have used it for about half a year, and I want to report some bugs / feature requests to make it even better!


If you trigger any action which requires a file chooser (i.e.: Insert image) the file browser which opens is horrible concerning usability!

The features which I miss the most, in comparison with the default Mac (Cocoa) file chooser:

* Entire key navigation! Doing this with the mouse in long lists and/or deep hierarchies occupies you for ages!
** Arrow up/down/left/right moves to next item within list/icons view.
** Inserting letter-key-sequences, if focus is on a list, jumps to the item which starts with this string.
** Cmd-down selects/opens file/folder.
** Cmd-up moves up in folder hierarchy.
* Quick GUI access to: Recent places, Favorite places, Devices.
* Quick KEY access to certain places: Cmd-shift-H to "~", Cmd-shift-A to "/Applications", etc.
* Different filesystem views: List, Icon, Columns, CoverFlow.


I would prefer the default (Cocoa) Mac file chooser. As FreeMind is based on Java, I don't know which file browser bindings/libraries are available. Anyhow, I know that VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) http://vue.tufts.edu/ , a great diagramming software, is also based on Java, and it has a much better file browser.

Just observe VUE's file chooser in action (much better than FreeMind's, pretty close to default Mac file chooser), and maybe someone can determine, which file chooser it uses by studying the source code (Filesize: 205 MB) http://releases.atech.tufts.edu/vue/v3.0.2/VUE_3_0_2_src.zip and whether this or an even better file chooser could be integrated into FreeMind.


# 1378759 suggests a built-in file manager (which is likely synonymous with chooser, browser, etc). I don't need that suggested feature. But if FreeMind would realize it, then please consider my notes also for the interface of this part.


  • Anonymous - 2010-10-05

    I already described the functional file chooser differences.
    To see the GUI difference, have a look at the attached screenshots!


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