#759 Config/Options for Importing Folder/Directory-Tree


When importing a Directory Tree, it is automatically parsed and links are added. I would like to see options to just import dir-tree with a cirtain depth (x levels). To avoid problems with huge and deep directory structures.
Also an option to exclude files (= folders only) would be nice, where only folders are listed
Maybe also an option to 'not-link' the nodes.


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    Anonymous - 2010-05-26
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    • summary: Options for Importing Folder Directory --> Config/Options for Importing Folder/Directory-Tree
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  • FreeMyMind

    FreeMyMind - 2010-06-29

    I just starting using FreeMind and like it very much. I am wondering if the imported directory tree is static or dynamic? Is there a re-scan option or interval? For what I intend to use it for it would need to be dynamic so that changes in the directory structure would be reflected in the mind map. From a simple test it appears static to me at the present time. Considering the above request making it dynamic would need to be an option, or perhaps just a rescan feature that would refresh the directory tree to synchronise with the actual directory structure.

  • Ronald

    Ronald - 2014-01-08

    First of all thank you guys for the "Import folder structure"-option.
    Since the imported folder/file tree doesn't have any icons, it is hard to differ between folders and files on first glance.
    An option to choose icons for folders (e.g. the blue folder icon) and files (e.g. the bomb, since it is easy to recognize, even on large maps) would be HIGHLY appreciated.

    For your convenience I attached an image of a comparison.


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