#488 Improve usability for info gathering


I use your program alot for information collecting, and
a couple of features that would be very helpful would be:

1. Have a different coloured arrow to indicate if the
hyperlink points to another mindmap, a website, or a
local file.

2. Allow the creation of a mindmap project for nesting
multiple mindmaps. Have a hierachial expandable
tree-type view of the master mind map in a side window
(like file explorer) to allow quick navigation between
the maps that form the project. Also allow a hierachal
search option to penetrate to the maps at the lower
levels, even if those files are not open.

3. Allow a hot-key to bring up an icon box, so one can
press the hot-key with the node highlighted and easily
select the icon. It's quite slow to select an icon at
the moment, and you have to take care on a large map to
avoid highlighting other branches when moving the mouse
to the left of the screen.


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