#418 Usability: Allow drag based navigation on nodes.


Currently you can grip the background and scroll left,
right, up down, etc.

It's non intuitive: I regard the background as nothing,
not an object, and it does not occur to me to click,
hold and drag.

Instead I found myself trying to drag-navigate by
direct manipulation of the node - much as I would in
something like Google Earth.

Request: allow dragging by grabbing any part of the
mind map.


  • private_lock

    private_lock - 2006-03-01

    Logged In: YES

    How do you want to distinguish between dragging the whole
    map and moving a single knot around?

    When a drag begins on the background - do you want an
    explorer-like rectangular frame for node selection?

    Actually I think its ideal the way it is... I like it :-)

  • Dan

    Dan - 2006-03-02

    Logged In: YES

    ctrl + click drag / similar for global nav or move node
    would do fine - not fussed, just so long as it exists in
    some way.

    Examples of this in other applications which I find intuitive:
    * Adobe Reader has click on anything scrolling, kind of useful
    * Google Earth is scrollable via click & drag, and you can
    focus on points of interest with double clicks.
    * Firefox has the middle mouse button to float around web pages.

    Its not that you can't learn to do it the current way, it's
    just that the user has already learnt some of the possible
    ways (listed above) previously and if they could take
    advantage of prior learning, users == more happy.

    Holding control to enter drag navigation would be intuitive
    enough - or providing a grip on the node itself (ala an
    application's title bar).


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