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Is-it possible to add a legend (map annotations) for
the map like a box on the upper right side of the
screen/page ?



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Good Idea

    I would use it for
    a) adding a title to a page
    b) adding a footer with the filename, date,time etc

    Would also be good to add an image eg company logo on the page
    in a similar fashion

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The other use for this is to list the meanings of the icons
    used in the map.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I agree with the request. Even just a standard Text Box widget would be fine.
    Mind Maps are the types of things that often need to have the date, name, and
    version recorded somewhere on the page.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'd also like freemind to have a kind of (editable)
    legend(s) for (1) Item styles, (2) link styles, and (3)
    cloud colors.

    Another somehow related feature would be to have an
    ability to restrict the view to only show
    links/items/clouds of distinct types, that would allow for
    larger, extensively interconnected maps to remain readable
    (or show different distinct aspects of a structure in ONE
    map at different times - think of UML diagrams).

    Nevertheless - it's a very fine piece of software!


  • rico_g

    rico_g - 2006-08-10

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    Being able to add a legend to a mind map would greatly
    improve its value. I agree with the author of the previous
    legend(s) for (1) Item styles, (2) link styles, and (3)
    cloud colors would really help, but a simple floating text
    box would be a good start.


  • Nuke

    Nuke - 2013-07-31

    Agree this is a useful addition.

  • Gary Herbstman

    Gary Herbstman - 2014-11-02

    Two thumbs up for this feature.

  • Andrew Clifford

    Andrew Clifford - 2015-08-25

    I fully agree that this would be an extremely useful addition. Being able to add notes explaingin what the map is all about, as well as author and title boxes would simplify things enormously!
    Is there any evidence that these things are looked at?

  • Gabriel Cossette

    I concur that we need this feature.

    Last edit: Gabriel Cossette 2017-05-18

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