#205 Allow nodes to "carry" other attributes


I believe I've seen other similar suggestions, so
forgive me if this is a duplicate.

I'm interested in the possibility of using FreeMind as
a taxonomy editor (notably for Drupal). I envisage a
process whereby I unload the taxonomy from Drupal into
FreeMind, then use FreeMind to play about with it
(moving, adding, deleting branches), and finally load
the FreeMind-modified taxonomy back into Drupal.

One problem is that the Drupal taxonomy has a number of
properties which are meaningless to FreeMind, but which
need to be carried about while I change things in
FreeMind. A simple way around this would be to have
FreeMind accept the existence of extra user-defined
attributes to nodes.

At its simplest, this would just accept their existence
(no display even, just refrain from deleting them). At
its most complex, you could imagine defining controls,
displays, even plugins for them.


  • Loïc ROBERT

    Loïc ROBERT - 2005-03-15

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    Yes ! I agree with this request.
    If we can add our own attributes to a node, it would be

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Was going to say hows about adding arbitrary META-DATA
    (fieldname, type, value) - this goes a long way to it.

    The purpose of this is to allow post processing and the
    dynamic reconstruction of the map e.g. by overnight run,
    reasseses priorities in a to-do list, strike done jobs etc.
    To do this we need meta data on each element. Would also
    allow "alternative views" of same mind-map rearranged by
    meta-data context... at which point this gets very
    interesting for an number of datamining jobs.


  • Florian Konnertz

    I just found this thread looking for "taxonomy". My idea and wish is the following: I use mindmaps for long term mapping of many if not all aspects of my life and would like to write about aspects (nodes) some text, add frequently more text, statements and stuff and as I love the drupal CMS it came to my mind to convert the mindmap hierarchy to the drupal taxonomy. But via an import / export of those quasi standard hierarchy formats the drupal taxonomy import-export module provides: csv, w/o lineage, or also xml, does not matter. Just freemind would need this export ability.

    So I am going to look if this can be done in freemind? Any starting points for development (newbie java I am).

    The other way round as mentioned here in thread would also be nice of course. Was there ever an approach? quite old thread :)


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