New Release: FreeMind 0.8.0

  • Christian Foltin

    Dear FreeMinders,

    we proudly present the new release FreeMind Version 0.8.0.
    It has taken a lot of time to finish the elaborate Undo and Plugin mechanism s which have turned FreeMind into a professional application.

    You can get a summary of new features under

    Main new features include:
    * Undo
    * Many new exports and imports (among others: jpeg, png, new html exports, PDF, MindManager 5)
    * new layout and movable nodes (thanks to Dimitri)
    * Preferences dialog 
    * new menu structure
    * new local hyperlinks

    and many more. Please, check it out personally.

    Have fun,


    Project Manager FreeMind

    • colyboy

      colyboy - 2006-08-10

      I have just downloaded FreeMind 0.8.0 but as i am new to this type of prgram i was wondering is there some sort of manual available?


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