New Release: FreeMind 0.9.0

  • Christian Foltin

    Dear FreeMind users, 

    this is the release version 0.9.0.

    It comes with a lot of improvements such as

    * integrated notes
    * rich text editing for nodes and notes
    * filters
    * move of nodes with cursor keys in every direction
    * pattern and format editors for nodes
    * find and replace
    * groovy scripting
    * attributes

    We hope that you'll enjoy the new release.

    Thanks to everyone who tested the previous 0.9.0 version (betas and RCs).

    Best regards, 


    Changes to 0.8.1:

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0
    * Switched to git.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 15
    * Fix for Conversion from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 drops encrypted arrow links - ID: 3145871 :

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 14
    * Another fix for

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 13
    * Fix for strange html header in converted notes: <html xmlns:HtmlTools="xalan://freemind.main.HtmlTools"><head/> -
    * Conversion errors are reported as before.
    * Fix for: The charset of freemind2flash.xsl should be UTF-8

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 12
    * Fix: Script execution can be repeated.
    * Fix: Find finds an end of searching.
    * Space replacements on conversion done with faster converter now.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 11
    * Fix: Conversion from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 drops indentation in notes - ID: 3096369
    * Fix for the fix: Freemind cannot find text with Greek characters - ID: 3035387
    * Fix for 10. RC4 regression: incorrect viewing of UTF-8 map - ID: 2810535

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 10
    * Fix: data loss in notes; note conversion - ID: 3008236:
    * Fix: Conversion from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0 drops newlines in notes - ID: 3021953:
    * Fix: Menu layout under MacOsX
    * Removed HotEqn support, as it is poorly integrated. It is still in the code and may be compiled using the switch in the file plugins/build.xml setting include_latex to true.
    * Reverted twiki export to the former version. The new one was copied to mm2twiki_headings.xsl and can be actived by a user's copy.
    * Updated the german translation. Thanks to the authors.
    * Fix: Freemind cannot find text with Greek characters - ID: 3035387

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 9
    * Patched:  512px and 256px icons for Mac OS X
    * Patched:  Document icon for Mac OS X
    * Patched:  Enable document icon for Mac OS X
    * Updated the vietnamese translation. Thanks to Nguyen.
    * Fix: Corrected the external plugins.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 8
    * Fixed: Crypted root's childnodes order error:
    * Fixed: Build with ant 1.8:
    * Testing: Font-Size of wysiwyg-editors on zommed map. Available as "experimental_font_sizing_for_long_node_editors".
      You have to set this property by hand in the file.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 7
    * Fixed: Some little bugs in Import Folder Action (null pointer and waiting cursor).
    * Fixed: .mm files association does not work on Windows *
    * Feature: Question before converting maps of older versions.
    * Fixed: Maps becomes dirty on map change (if notes window is open)
    * Updated HTML Editor Simply Html
    * Fixed: Selection wrong on move nodes left/right
    * Fixed: Initial focus when notes window open
    * Fixed: Focus when leave node editing with escape
    * Added: Open hyperlinks in nodes editor
    * New: Search&Replace replaces now all occurences. Thanks to OlegKandaurov (f0y) for the patch.
    * Fixed: Node selection after png/jpg export.
    * New language basque. Thanks to the author.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 6
    * Fixed: Plain text Long node gets corrupted (loses newlines) on drag *
    * Fixed: Question before delete issued from the menu added
    * Fixed: Message on status bar is cleared before save.
    * Improved: Graphical layout of password dialog for encryption
    * Improved: If a file exists in "File->Save as" the file dialog is repeated.
    * We now create two different versions for Mac: for OSX 10.5 Rosetta, there is a different one.
      These versions differ only in the way, the JavaApplicationStub is handled (the Rosetta version
      takes a copy from my laptop, the other version uses a symbolic link to

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 5
    * Fixed caret position during automatic save in notes window. (see
    * Disabled splash screen of SimplyHtml as this looks unusual. Nevertheless, many thanks to the authors of this important component.
    * Fixed: Map does not load with RC4 *
    * Updated korean translation, now with correct ISO code. Thanks to the author.
    * Fixed license problem with xsd2jibx.jar. Replaced with own library compileXsd.jar with GPLv2+.
    * Long node editor uses zoomed fonts (the rich type editor are still unzoomed).
    * Fixed problems with &#xb; in node text.
    * Fixed some "Center node" problems
    * Fixed: Node marker disappears after exporting *
    * Fixed some focus problems.
    * Integrated (thanks to the author): Typos in help Mind Map *

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 4
    * Open Hyperlink handler for notes added. Use CTRL-click to open a link.
    * Fixed: Font smoothing fails: arrow links - 0.9.0 RC3 :
    * (Hidden Feature): Default font and paragraph spacing for notes is set. Switch this on using the resources_use_default_font_for_notes_too and resources_use_margin_top_zero_for_notes properties.
    * Resource loading adapted for Costello (for future use)
    * Fixed: Anti aliasing :
    * Fixed: FreeMind hogs CPU *
    * Improved export to XHTML, thanks to erne100:,
    * New XSLT Script: mm2latex. Thanks to Wolfgang.
    * Updated XSLT mm2twiki. Thanks to the author.
    * Fixed: Notes from 0.8.1 disappears in 0.9 RC3 *
    * Fixed: Aggressive long node format question *
    * Fixed: Fail to detect invalid preference setting *
    * Fixed some printing issues: (Hopefully also: Failure to print from toolbar *
    * Fixed: Node up/down didn't make the map dirty.
    * Fixed: Returning focus to the mind map requires pressing Escape (to give focus to the central node) *
    * Fixed: Opening files under Mac OS X without empty map.
    * Fixed: Find/Replace window not visible *
    * Fixed: icon list scrolls very slowly with scroll wheel <>
    * Fixed: Cannot select multiple single nodes *
    * Fixed: Import -> Linked Branch can't find file *

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 3
    * Fixed build error of RC2
    * Little attribute table fixes.
    * Fixed: Many tooltips contain unrendered html tags
    * Fixed: Arrow link - loss upon drag and drop (DND) - 0.9.0 RC1

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 2
    * Integrated:  Patched to accept OpenJDK as valid VM *
    * Experimental external plugin: database collaboration added (not for delivery with 0.9.0)
    * Fixed html export in XHTML. Thanks to wolfgangradke,
    * Integrated patch (thanks to the author):   enabled Ctrl-Enter as Save keystroke again
    * Fixed ooo export of relative links (see
    * Integrated patch: (thanks to the author)
    * Integrated mm2csv (thanks to the author), although not in the shift_jis variant.
    * Fixed several mac-build script bugs. Thanks to the author.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC 1
    * Integrated  Public domain icons to replace unfree ones. Thanks to Eric.
    * Integrated  Corrected XSLT sheet for Excel export. Again thanks to Eric.
    * Export branch gets a file name proposal.
    * Not integrated, but simplified: 'Preferences' should be under 'Edit' and not under 'Tools' (2135518)
    * Fixed position of folding symbol
    * Fixed  "Insert new parent node" action is incorrectly undone.
    * Fixed: cut of several nodes on the same y hight only cutted one of them.
    * Fixed: Moving graphical links.
    * Fixed: Search&Replace RegExp handling fixed.
    * Integrated: LookAndFeel Thanks to the author.
    * New and updated translations. Thanks to all authors.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta20
    * Fixed some documentation bugs reported by Edmund Laugasson. Thanks.
    * Bug fix: Untranslatable strings and places *
    * Documentation fixes.
    * Mac: Spaces in files names corrected.
    * Bug fix: B19 startup fails with "Mode not available: Mindmap" *
    * "Open hyperlink" works for multiple selected nodes.
    * FreeMindStarter uses reflection. Thus, it can detect java < 1.4.
    * Icons revised. Thanks to Predrag.
    * Fixed: copying to clipboard for Linux.
    * Fixed: saving of xhtml - tag <option>.
    * Application type of freemind.exe changed to Win32 GUI to prevent DOS box.
    * Fixed: images in notes.
    * Added translations (thanks to all authors):
    - 2034191 French - 0.9.0 Beta 19 - FM_Key_Mappings_Quick_Guide_fr.pdf by dberthereau
    - 2034187 French - 0.9.0 Beta 19 - FM_Key_Mappings_Quick_Guide by dberthereau
    - 2031743 Russian 0.9.0 - beta 19 - full
    * Integrated  MS Project export with dependencies + example
    * Integrated  Word export with notes - Thanks to Eric.
    * Fixed:  Node move looses timestamp *
    * Fixed:  Fail to detect invalid preference setting *
    * Fixed: 0.9B19 ODT exports as German *
    * solved performance issue with repainting: antialias only for curves had switched on antialias for all before

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta19
    * Fixed: in key based navigation in filtered maps.
    * Fixed: displaying of fork node in filtered maps.
    * Fixed: branch selection in filtered maps.
    * Fixed: calculation of dialog position relative to nodes.
    * Fixed: text in filter descriptions.
    * Fixed:  Cursor in long node editor set to the last position.
    * Fixed: export of filtered maps to PDF
    * Fixed: Patterns can't be customized in FM beta18 *
    * Fixed: onCreateNodeHook fixed.
    * FreeMind includes document icons now. Thanks to Predrag.
    * Bug fix: storing of scripts in patterns corrected.
    * Key documentation added. Thanks to Ryan.
    * New icons (thanks to Predrag), Icons and their order is customizable in preferences, now.
    * Fixed: Error opening files from network PCs in Windows *
    * New translation from Krymmel. Thanks to the author.
    * New slovak translation. Thanks to the author Viliam Bur - viliambur.
    * Updates czech translation. Thanks to the author.
    * Updated translation norsk from Larsa - larslem. Thanks to the author.
    * Updated dutch translation. Thanks to the author Walter Huwels - kiwaki.
    * New translation from jmasesch - jmases1. Thank you.
    * New translation to greek from sarikoudis - sarikoudis. Thank you.
    * New ukranian translation. Thanks to Serhij Dubyk - dubyk.
    * Updated portugese translation. Thanks to Luis Valente - alvalente.
    * New freemind documentation in french. Thanks to rickenbroc - rickenbroc.
    * Updated french translation. Thanks to Sébastien Rombauts - srombauts.
    * Updated korean translation. Thanks to Yang gyu, Lee - lyg73.
    * Updated japonese translation. Thanks to Tomohiro Sembongi - tomophy.
    * New indonesian translation. Thanks to Perry Harahap - permataharahap.
    * Updated slovenian translation. Thanks to Martin Srebotnjak - filmsi.
    * New indonesian documentation. Thanks to Perry Harahap - permataharahap.
    * New vietnamese translation and documentation. Thanks to Nguyen Dinh Trung - dinhtrung.
    * Updated chinese translation. Thanks to willyann - willyann.
    * New estonian translation and documentation. Thanks to Edmund Laugasson - elaugasson.
    * Updated russian translation. Thanks to ksd - sergeykotkin.
    * New key mappings in russian. Thanks to ksd - sergeykotkin.
    * Updated groovy to version 1.5.6.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta18
    * Fixed: bubble / fork style not correctly cascading *
    * Fixed: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space *
    * new translations. Thanks to the authors.
    * bug fixes in the "new script" action.
    * Bug fix: Script editor divider locations start with some reasonable values.
    * Fixed URL handling for older mm files
    * Fixed URL handling for file: type under Windows 2000.
    * Fixed: button "Add" "assign attributes" dialog.
    * Fixed: displaying of accelerator keys in selected language.
    * Fixed: Mnenonics for yes/no/cancel buttons in "Save" Dialog.
    * Fixed: displaying of changes made using "Assign attributes" dialog if only selected attributes are visible.
    * Refactoring of FreeMindStarter such that preferences are only read once.
    * Fixed: confirmation dialogs were placed outside of the screen
    * Fixed: position of files dragged to a node
    * Splash updated by Predrag via mail from 28.05.2008 (GPLv2+). Many thanks.
    * Icon taken form Predrag. FreeMind started recompiled. Thank you.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta17
    * Scripts can be installed as menu functions (look into ScriptingEngine.xml).
    * Security Enhancements for Scripting Engine.
    * Fixed "Cannot follow links if new/unsaved map is open"
    * Fixed "typo: estabilishOwnFont()"
    * Fixed "Focus changed after window switching"
    * Fixed "Calendar can only be opened once"
    * Fixed "Clouds on root node are not displayed"
    * Inverted the mouse wheel zoom direction to make it compatible with e.g. OpenOffice.
    * Fixed: Large mind maps produce invalid PDF
    * Fixed: Following of connectors - dedicated text required
    * new base 64 coding compatible with gplv2+
    * Fixed: Misleading option in 'Time Management'
    * Fixed: Script exceptions are now displayed in any case.
    * Fixed: Scripts with multiples lines supported in patterns.
    * Fixed: Layout of pattern manager.
    * Fixed: .toURL() is deprecated in Java 1.6
    * This fixes as well: Hyperlinks dont work with interntional chars in filename *
    * Fixed: On first start FreeMind should show new map to newbies *
    * Fixed: Print Preview can be closed with ESC.
    * Fixed: English used by Freemind… (thanks to the author) *
    * Fixed: Missing tooltips in Manager Patterns dialog *
    * Fixed: Format dialog remembers its position on screen.
    * Fixed: Like in 0.8 nodes are still unfolded, when others are dragged into. This can changed in the preferences.
    * Fixed: Notes icon appears now in Applet: Summary: Note Icon not showing *
    * Notes icon can be hidden via preferences.
    * Fixed: When multiple maps are opened, their Z-order seems to be fixed. For example, if I open map A, B and C one by one, and then close map C, I may get map A on the front, depending how the program assigns order to maps.
    * Fixed: keys "home", "end" and <character> work in the same way for all node editors
    * Fixed: Key Events are not lost during node editor dialog is being created
    * Mnemonics for (some) Dialog Buttons configurable by "&" character in language properties
    * Fixed: placement of text field editor if attribute table is wider than the node text
    * Fixed: height of attribute table rows for zoom factor != 100 % 
    * Fixed: Valid html output *
    * Fixed: faulty undo for edge types after auto layouting *
    * Fixed: Issues with action "Clear note" *
    * A link to the FreeMind's webpage is available in Help Menu
    * Fixed: Folding not saved *
    * Scripts can be signed by a FreeMind key or with a user key (specified in the options)
      and have then full rights. 
    * FreeMind version is now a structure that can be used by scripts or plugins to guarantee compatibility.
    * New design of logo (thanks to mmeitzner) and splash (thanks to bernardlang) integrated
    * Fixed: Wrong language name for Norwegian *
    * New croatian language. Thanks to Predrag.
    * Fixed: When pressing Option+F in Mac OS X, the Format->Node color dialog should show up, but instead the File menu does (in a weird position) *
    * Icon order moved to properties.
    * Fixed: encrypted node just looks to be locked *
    * New icons from Predrag (put under GPLV2+ via private mail from 2.5.2008). Thanks to the author.
    * Fixed: "null incompatible with text-specific antialiasing enable key" error under Mac OS X.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta16
    * Bug fix: do not add new <p> for HTML nodes copied as HTML
    * Bug fix: remove HTML tags by generating RTF
    * Bug fix: Overlapping edges of the root node
    * Bug fix: Map movements after folding
    * Bug fix: Avoid storing style element in rich text nodes
    * Bug fix: not possible to pick / fold / unfold nodes after exception in SVG/PDF Plugin
    * Bug fix: Edit box for new child node can appear in the wrong location
    * Disable small buggy hide/open - arrows for split pane
    * Bug fix: Remove '&' character from tooltips and ui elements
    * Link connectors - new arrows in popup menu changed as proposed by Dan
    * Bug fix for "Java exception entering text"
    * Bug fix Look and feel - no propagation into scroll bar
    * Bug fix: copy text field selection to clipboard
    * Bug fix: repaint after text field is removed
    * Bug fix: Map hidden after switching from docs (JRE 6)
    * New version of SimplyHTML with some bug fixes
    * Bug fix: In browse mode and file mode, scroll wheel AKA mouse wheel
    * Filter toolbar looks similar to the other toolbars.
    * Bug fix: italic and bold handling in patterns (eg. automatic layout)
    * Check marks for a lot of menu items added
    * Changed mouse wheel behaviour.
    * Cut gets a confirmation window, too. See
    * Bug fix: Hyperlink action renamed and it is only enabled, when there is actually a hyperlink. See
    * Updated to Batik 1.6 (for Eric, as this version is already integrated in Debian)
    * Script Editor now has "Add new Script" and is able to assign the script results
      to an (new) attribute using "attr_name=<script>".
    * Updated groovy to version 1.5.1
    * RemoveNote is automatically disabled when no notes found
    * fold/unfoldall at toolbar is applied to current node as before.
    * Format node window has now scroll bars if needed.
    * Option to store ids only, when needed added.
    * Patch:  Multiple reminders added up in parent nodes
    * New installer variant "Java embedded" started, but this
      variant will not be released soon due to open license questions

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta15
    * Option added that map conversions are confirmed
    * Bug fix: Browser applet can be started twice
    * Bug fix: alt+i in English
    * Bug fix: save and use setting "left toolbar invisible" in
    * Bug fix in writing content of HTML nodes into clipboard.
    * Bug fixes in rich text editor component (Version shtml_0_12_2_beta3).
    * Enable main menu mnemonics for note editor.
    * Bug fix: attribute table column width not retrieved.
    * Item "Remove Notes" in the "Tools" menu.
    * OPTION "OLD_ROUTING_OF_ROOT_EDGES" configurable from Preferences->Appearance.
    * Time Management is no longer modal.
    * Fold/Unfold all on toolbar applies to root.
    * Styles can hold scripts. Script editor improvements.
    * Pattern dialog has now a short cut.
    * Bug fix: background color of edited nodes.
    * Bug fix: node selected after cut&paste if attributes are shown.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 14
    * Open Office Export now for the ODT format.
    * Nicer automatic format with sharp bezier curves.
    * Security question for script execution.
    * Notes window is completely hidden if requested.
    * Tabs show dirty state of map
    * Bug fix: Automatic layout with icons.
    * Bug fix: Drag&Drop in Pattern Dialog
    * Bug fix: Map conversion of version 0.8.0 fixed.
    * bug fix for export to PDF (SVG).
    * Bug fix : update all nodes if standard text color has been changed.
    * Use node text and background colors in editors.
    * Bug fix: use edge color for folding mark.
    * Bug fix: new maps should not have "saved" attribute set.
    * Bug fix: FreeMind non-responsive after application focus change.
    * Bug fixes in filter management.
    * Bug fix: export to PNG.
    * Bug fix: mnemonics for starting Attribute Manager Dialog.
    * Bug fix: layout after zoom change.
    * Bug fix: printing of filtered maps with hidden links.
    * System.out and System.err redirected to special logger.
    * Bug fix: join for rich text nodes.
    * Display help message for node movement as tool tip.
    * Bug fix: nodes cut when zoom not 100%.
    * Menu item "Split" moved to menu item "Join nodes"

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 13
    * Menu Item to show SimplyHTML about box
    * Use cloud or map backgroung color in WYSIWYG Editor if the node has no own background color.
    * Selection text color no more used for unselected text in Textfield / Textarea
    * Latex plugin added
    * Persistent map filters added
    * Click on icon with control key hold removes the first matched icon, with alt key removes the last one
    * Icon hot keys available in "Select Icon" popup can be set in Preferences
    * Bug fixes.
    * Displaying Selection as Rectangle as default.
    * Optional "unfold on paste"
    * Confirmation on delete added.
    * Decision whether or not to take rich text edit added.
    * Icon selection popup, long node editor and WYSIWYG editor do not hide the edited node is possible
    * Bug fix: mind manager import: sides fixed.
    * bug fix: strings containing \n must be saved as XML elements, not as attributes
    * bug fixes and necessary refactorings for paste and cut - actions
    only UndoActionHandler uses the undo - action from the action pair,
    the undo action is prepared during paste action is executed
    * Bug fix: patterns repaired
    * Bug fix: edge properties in patterns
    * Mnemonics for english and german completed
    * Enter on root gives a new child
    * Bug fix: edges scale now with zoom.
    * Enter on root gives new child, shift-enter on root causes root to get a child of a new root node.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 12
    * Map background color may be set via Format menu and saved with the map.
    * Bug fixes: problems if does not exist
    * FreeMind Accelerators work from Note Editor

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 11
    * New menu option: Display Selection as Rectangle.
    * Standard colors are taken from Look&Feel settings.
    * Node is unfolded on paste or drop.
    * In-place node editor scrolls with the map.
    * Bug fix in note editor: space does not fold/unfold the node
    * Bug fix: tab closing fixed for java4+5

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 10
    * New option: velocity of mouse wheel movements.
    * Bug fix: F6 and F8 can be used for formats again.
    * Bug fix: sorting keeps graphical links now.
    * user_icons is no more required,
    * all *.png files in …/.freemind/icons are handled as user icons
    * Bug fix: moving of encrypted nodes is working again.
    * Bug fix: moving or removing a node with active reminder flags clears all parent flags.
    * Bug fix: OOo export of empty nodes

    * Class hierarchy of descendands of NodeView removed
    * NodeView is made responsible for painting of its cloud, children edges and folding marks
    * Class hierarchy for MainView introduced
    * All own components of NodeView (MainView and AttributeTable) are put inside of JComponent,
    which can be obtained using NodeView.getContent().
    * New classes for NodeView Layout, MindMapLayout and Viewport Layout introduced
    * NodeViewLayout sets locations of NodeView Content and all its direct children
      and NodeView size
    * NodeViewFactory for putting NodeView components and LayoutManager together
    * EdgeView is no more part of NodeView, it is managed by NodeViewFactory
    * setLeft is no more initiated by view
    * multiple map views for map are allowed by the new design, but only one NodeView for Node on each MapView
    * NodeView implements TreeModelListener
    * standard TreeModelEvents are used for communicating the map changes
    * If only MainView exists, getContent() returns the MainView.
    * If some special node has its own content component, it can be added to Component given by
      NodeView.getContentPane(). Futher efforts are needed to make such contents like e.g.
      math formulas possible

    * focus in the long node editor goes to the text area after the dialog is opened
    * Back and forward added: Even between different maps.
    * Tabbed mind maps added (it is possible to switch it off in the preferences -> appereance)
    * New translations. Thanks to the authors.
    * Integrated the TWiki export. Thanks to the author scf_code.
    * Integrated html to plain patch from Dan. Thanks.

    * Plugin API improved, StatefulNodeHook with Undo-Support introduced
    * Window position, size and state are saved and restored correctly

    * Adjusting not only the background color of selected node but also its text color.
    * System colors used instead of FreeMind default colors
    for default window background color, default node text color,
    default selected node background and text colors.
    * Alternative displaying of selected nodes showing rounded rectangle around the node (may be set in preferences)

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 9
    * Bug fix: nodes selection does not change if FreeMind is not focused
    * Select All is aplied to the filtered nodes only if filter is active
    * Bug fix: new nodes are directly closed.
    * Performance of note editor improved. Thanks to Dimitri.
    * Bug fix: long node handling corrected.
    * New shortcut for note editing: control LESS.
    * Open Office Writer Export: Notes added, styles started
    *  starting freemind with soft link to does not work
    * HTML Note window automatically opens and closes on control LESS.
    * Correct encoding of htmls: Thanks to gulpman.
    * Log of node styles removed.
    * HTML Note window show/hide state is controlled via shift+control LESS (present in view menu and map context popup window).
    * Taskjuggler integration from aki integrated. Thanks to the author.
    * Bug fix: proper zoom of HTML nodes
    * Bug fix: better "zoom to fit"
    * Bug fix: scroll to selected node after zoom change
    * Improvements in Map Layout
    * Bug Fixes concerning the Left Toolbar
    * Blinking Node Hook does not change the model color, only the view color
    * Bug fix on start if the last map has been deleted
    * Short cuts are traced to the actions even if menu bar is not visible
    * FreeMind Base Dir used for searching the plugins is taken from the classpath, not from the properties
    * FreeMind Base Dir is also used for localizing the docu
    * The Internet Docu Version is used if FreeMind Base Dir can not be defined (applet in browser)
    * Search & Replace Dialog with menu and nicer. Bug fixes…
    * Changes for Java 6.0
    * changes in getFreemindBaseDir (TODO)
    * Local Short Cuts and Properties => Bug Fix for control PLUS etc.
    * Using Shift+Click on icon bar substitutes the current icons by the new one. (Same with Shift+Enter in the icon selection dialog)
    * user friendly closing of the node edit dialogs
    * moved time management to internal plugins.
    * revised build process for external plugins.
    * New feature: Sort children nodes added.
    * Calendar scrolls with arrow keys through months and years now (JCalendar improvement).
    * Search&Replace: Title corrected
    * NodeModel: attribute selectors in HashMap style added.
    * Bug fix: double click on root node makes it editable
    * Bug fix: starting edit and continue with long node editor keeps changes
    * Bug fix: null pointer in AttributeTable
    * New feature: Script Editor
    * New feature: split of multi paragraph HTML nodes (Edit->Split, plugin)
    * New feature: split of HTML nodes im WYSIWYG Editor
    * SimplyHTML Properties integrated
    * Bug Fix in copy to clipboard
    * MAC Java options include more memory (for graphics export)
    * Writing of HTML refactored out to class MindMapHTMLWriter in package freemind.modes.mindmapmode
    * Copy creates HTML for multiple selection.
    * Light Bulb as icon integrated.
    * new spanish translation of documentation map. Thanks to Natxo.
    * Copy limited to filtered nodes

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 8
    * bug fix: feedback.increase must not be called before auto properties with language setting has been loaded       
    * SimpleHTML: icons for bold and italic actions replaced
    * SimpleHTML: shift + enter inserts <br>
    * SimpleHTML: <END > -  Markierung removed
    * bug fix: NodeNote.Registration.NotesManager.mLastContentEmpty declared static
    * Filter has no border in the toolbar, in order to look like every other toolbar item
    * Bug fix: automatic save when note window is changed.
    * Bug fix: Close closes maps when modes without maps are displayed.
    * Bug fix:  Space into attribute folds the node (0.9.0 beta7)
    * Bug fix: Note is not cleaned if newly selected node has no note
    * Bug fix: HTML Tab opened first with plain text content
    * Bug fix: I have a multiline node that there is allways an empty line displayed between the text
    * Bug fix:  "use plain text" adds blank lines
    * Bug fix: Background of the inline editor must not be gray
    * Bug fix: Startup user directory creation
    * Bug fix: slider position at first start corrected.
    * New polish translation. Thanks to the author.
    * New slovenian translation. Thanks to the author.
    * Fixed html exports. New JUnit tests available.
    * Fixed browser applet.
    * Keyboard support for enter/leave note at alt-n.
    * Bug fix: Delayed selection time and others are number properties now.
    * Notes are displayed in tooltips (currently, the entire note is displayed).
    * ToolTips are back and its width is an option, now.
    * Moved new search to search menu.
    * Title gets a '*', when map gets dirty. Path is added to title.
    * Bug fix: patterns are saved now.
    * Important Bug Fix: Notes are saved in XML now.
    * Mac Changes: integration in system improved.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 7
    * Kafenio replaced by SimplyHTML
    * Bug fixes: two HTML exports adapted to new file format
    * Patch from Eric for XSLT export introduced. Thanks.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 6
    * Restrictions on node positions removed,
    * the node motion view oval is filled red if node overlap is possible.
    * Selected nodes are not indicated on printed / exported maps
    * Bug fixes
    * Mac changes: whole application is in one package
    * Slider for Notes introduced.
    * FreeMindStarter introduced to detect wrong java versions.
    * are obsolete and were removed. are replacing them
    * Logging to file enabled.
    * Notes are always present and directly stored (without the plugin notation)
    * Added option to preferences to not load last opened map on startup.
    * Startup shows progress messages.
    * Limited the plugin search to two directory levels.
    * Added the turkish translation. Thanks to the author.
    * Note symbols are back.
    * Bug fix:  Fail to revert
    * Load of plugins generalized for Mac, more flexible ClassLoaders now.
    * Started to generalize URL and hyperlink handlings. Done.
    * Patch revised and introduced: 1532279 link between nodes on different freemind maps, thanks to the authors.
    * New feature: history of node is exportable now.
    * Fixed map dragging outside of the window.
    * New feature: Scripting via Groovy introduced.
    * Bug fix: layout of root with attributes
    * Enhancements of the scripting feature.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 5

    * Search and Replace in History Dialog.
    * Load and Save Format of HTML nodes realized as discussed by the directors board.
    * Save All implemented.
    * Adapted for intel macs. Thanks to tizzyd
    * Safety extension for Html nodes: if they don't give well formed Xml, we replace the tags.
    * \0 characters are removed from HTML.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 2

    * Kafenio for notes
    * Paste and Encrypted Node register new attributes in the attribtue registry correctly
    * Bug fix for Attribute Registry
    * Button on/off removed from Filter Toolbar
    * Standard filter conditions "No Filtering" and "Selected Nodes" added to Filter Toolbar
    * Pattern: Duplicate, create from nodes, intersection of patterns from nodes.
    * Bug fix im Browser Toolbar: the browsed file was loaded twice, if its name was typed in the combobox
    * Attribute View Type is saved in a Mind Map document
    * Changes from Henning Dierks (thanks!): node selection and text field background colors adjusted.
    * NodeView has got a new multi component capable layout manager
    * Export of local hyperlinks to XHTML/HTML with image corrected.

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta 1

    * VariableSizeCardLayout implemented for Preference Dialog
    * Automatic layout preference design bugs fixed

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Alpha 1.02

    Merged with WYSIWYG Version

    Changes made in FreeMind 0.9.0 Alpha 1.01

    Merged with Attribute Version

  • Mateo

    Mateo - 2011-06-08

    Thanks for your improvements! I do notice something amiss though. I tried dragging and dropping a web addresses from the address bar from my web-browser as a 'node above' and FreeMind would not respond. It only adds the link by dragging and dropping if I drop it as a child node. This wasn't the case in the previous version of FreeMind, and it was such a beautiful commodity. Cheers.


  • Maddy

    Maddy - 2013-04-10

    Hi Team,
    I am repackaging Freemind 0.9.0 exe and i want to know if there any option to DISABLE UPDATES in the package and remove below 2 option from HELP Menu.

    1. FreeMind's Homepage
    2. FAQ

    Atul Mishra

  • Mike Petonic

    Mike Petonic - 2013-06-22

    Where do we submit niggling feedback on FM 1.0.0 RC 4?

    I looked for the appropriate forum but really could not decide.

    Anyway, it's brief and just a minor nit (with a workaround). The Keyboard shortcut label for "Navigate -> Fold One Level" is actually in the prefs as "Fold On Level". On the Mac, this affects how you can use System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts to refer to the function. Setting a shortcut for "Fold One Level" doesn't work. Must not be hitting the right value in Freemind.

    One way to fix it is to use the Freemind prefs and look for the entry, which is where I discovered that this must be a type. In the Freemind prefs, it's listed as "Fold On Level".


  • Raju

    Raju - 2014-06-30

    Can we add any hooks into FreeMind 0.9.0 exe?
    Can we customize FreeMind to execute custom java code upon saving the mindmap?


    Last edit: Raju 2014-06-30
  • Christian Foltin

    Hi Raju,

    what do you mean?
    Br, Chris

  • Raju

    Raju - 2014-06-30

    Hi Chris,

    I want to customize FreeMind to execute custom java code upon saving the mindmap?
    is there any chance to do it.



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