Changing from 'commercial prg' to Freemind

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thank You, guys! - this is really a fine program; I use it every day helping me keeping track of my thoughts and ideas. I'm a therapist and as such need a program that allows me to fast and efficiently write notes and plans for treatment.



    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks to everyone involved in the development, testing and distribution of this wonderful programme.

      It has helped me organize my thoughts much better.

    • uldics

      uldics - 2007-03-31

      I have never actually used commercial minmapping software. but i tied the MS one and FreeMind. Guess what?! FreeMind is much faster to learn and much simpler to get to grips with. And free. I think there are only few percent of people, who needs functions of commercial software, which are not included in FreeMind. And I am well aware, that 98% of needed functionality is first included in open source projects, only after that in commercial ones.


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