MindFree - 2007-11-18

As an old user of mindmaps I was very delighted to discover FreeMind. I've had experience with other applications of this kind, including Mindmanager and I'm in a good position to compare it with other software.

I've only just started using FreeMind, and I'm already impressed with the wealth of features that it has. It may not have all the features of, say, Mindmanager but it does a great job. After all, the most significant benefit from doing mindmaps should come from actually doing them, not tweaking them to make them sophisticated and pretty looking.

In addition, the fact that it's a portable application makes it even more valuable. It means one can put it on a USB stick and take it along to any other computer and use it there.

I'm very much looking forward to reviving my past habit of organizing my work using mindmaps.  I don't anticipate the learning curve to be too steep, and FreeMind will be instrumental in making my mindmap usage revival a success.

Additionally, I'm going to recommend it to friends who have tried mindmapping in the past. Let this be counted as one good deed that I shall be doing to them. :)