Thank you, thank you, thank you ....

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Mind Manager has been the last windows app I *really* need. This tool is may not be as functionally rich, but it works very well indeed. It certainly raises the bar on minimum feature set. Looks like I can finally ditch the MS tax for good. Excellent work!

    Small request though. I would really appreciate the ability to change the branch colors along with the text so different branches can have different colours. I find the colour visually appealing and makes the maps more memorable. I remember this was suggested as *a good thing* in Tony Buzan's BBC book 'Use your head'.

    Don't let this detract from the positive. This is fantastic work. Thank you.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Parent post mine.

      Just found out how to do branch colors. What can I say? I'm impressed.


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