Thank you - GREAT work

  • Reinhard Vielhaber

    Just started over to renew a MindMap created in 2004 (I'm not sure, if it was created with FreeMind). Really sharp work especially I like that it's written in Java.

    Also I was surprised and amazed about your mention of Robert M. Pirsig and Steven R. Covey, both have written great books.

    Again - as said in the subject: THANK YOU!

    (no it's time to USE the program ;-) )

    • kush singh

      kush singh - 2008-03-07

      A- wish a new version could come out with some new features such as ability to make
      a flowchart
      a ring network
      a drilldown list
      a milestone sort of layout (gantt chart etc)
      instead of the present star only network/graph that freemind can do at present

      B-hide extra long material (comments )in nodes so that the whole map is easy to understand at a glance and material in parent nodes can be hidden as necessary without hiding the child nodes.

      C- there should be a way (ctrl-f) to search thru the nodes --at present the whole map cannot be searched using ctrl-f but has to searched visually/manually or within a text editor

      A drilldown list could be easily made provided the parent node is anchored to the top left hand corner of the freemind window


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