Definitely good for productivity

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    I downloaded FreeMind ,as I was looking for something to organise my thoughts on a project I'm working on to do with service registries/repositories.  When I discovered that I could link nodes to web pages and files, including other mindmaps, it became clear just how useful this is going to be.  I'm now creating mindmaps for all my projects and linking the documents I'm working on and the source material I need into the maps.  I have a top-level mindmap with links to all my project mindmaps, and some of them link to each other.  It's also great for organising materials to present to people. 

    I've noticed that in the XML, some file locations are relative to the directory the mindmap is in, but because it's XML, I can easily edit that (though it would be useful to be able to edit the links to files in Freemind).

    Anyway - excellent piece of software.  I'd tried another mindmapping tool a while ago (free on a magazine CD), but it didn't do anything for me. Freemind is intuitive to use, and easy to use with just the keyboard.  I can see it becoming my desktop.

    Keep up the good work!


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      Nothing more to say - I like it and it's realy good! Thanks



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