A simple revolution

  • justposted

    justposted - 2008-11-10

    Amazing how much difference a (relatively) simple but well put together tool can make. There is almost nothing that I now do at work that doesn't involve a mind map.

    My favourite game at the moment is running projects off a map, then pulling it up on the project during a meeting, flicking up the agenda on the "meetings" sub-node, then taking minutes as the meeting progresses. Somebody brings up a question, I open some other relevant brance, add a reference to a "references" node, link to a website, whatever, then pop back onto the agenda.

    Just an amazing way to work, ensuring buy-in from around the meeting table as we go, preventing me having to write minutes and doing those little tasks that arise on the fly rather than putting them off once the meeting is over.

    Many, many thanks to all of the developers.

    • Andre Koorts

      Andre Koorts - 2008-11-19

      I'll just give you some history about mindmapping in my life and you can draw your own conclusion about what I think of Freemind.  I have used mindmaps from 1990 in general and specifically MindManager from about when it first came out.  I am a licensed user of MindManager and I just switched to Freemind.

      Congratulations on an excellent product.  Keep up the good work.  Looking forward to the final release of Version 9.

      Cheers.  Andre Koorts


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