Thank you freemind guys

  • theo

    theo - 2007-04-30

    I have just noticed this excellent program.
    I feel that it really frees mind.

    PS: My motivation to enter this site and setup an account is to thank you.


    • metre9dmt

      metre9dmt - 2007-05-02

      I have been using the Freemind since 2005 and it really helps organize my thoughts. I normally use it to summarize the books I read. Recently, I tried to VYM to check it out. I have return to Freemind because of familiarity. I use the Windows and Linux (I'm using Puppy Linux, by the way) versions. I hope version 0.90 has more graphics content that I can use and embed graphic items (e.g. maps, pictures, etc.). When shall it come out?

      All the best! 8-)

  • hiddenedge

    hiddenedge - 2012-11-17

    I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful program.  I am using it cross platform on w7 and ubuntu and via mindjet on an android phone - all accessing the same file on dropbox.
    You should be proud of your work.  I am very grateful for this software and I use it everyday.


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