freemind usage

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    great stuff, freemind, a mate of mine uses it to construct menus for a website, then parses the .mm file into a javascript dropdown menusystem using a small perl glue script. Brilliant!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Would love to obtain a copy of the above-referenced script(s) as I am in between jobs and trying to make a few Web site ideas happen (on a resultantly limited budget).

      The technique you have described would be incredible to know as I have (1) a lot of highly intertwined data and (2) limited Web design experience.

      Either way, just knowing that what you have referenced is possible is of value and, with the application of persistence on my part, could produce significant dividends for my purposes. (I created a user account and tried logging on about ten times before giving up and leaving my email address here)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Takes some times to get used to it but you don't expect how much is possible. Keep working on it guys. Keep it as stable as it is.


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