• Thomas Teepe

    Thomas Teepe - 2009-01-10


    FreeMind is one of my favourite tools, and I want to thank you for all your work.

    I'm using FreeMind for a number of things:
    - collecting information at work - project details, useful command lines...
    - preparing presentations, bringing structure to the material
    - giving an overview during presentations - listeners are always delighted by the clarity and ease of use of FreeMind.

    Best regards,

    • Pierre Coach

      Pierre Coach - 2009-02-27

      I discovered lots of unexpected nice features after using it a while:
      * drag'n drop an url then be able to click on node to surf to it
      * drag'n drop a file or folder and same thing
      * export as html, then save this html page as table of content for a project
      waouh, thank you thank you thank you!


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