Thanks! Great tool. How about....

  • Richard Wagner

    Richard Wagner - 2007-03-15

    How about if we gather up some best practices for using this thing?  I bet there are a zillion uses for it, I wish I knew what other users were using FreeMind for and how they mapped their items.

    Thanks again-- FreeMind is great!

    • Simon

      Simon - 2007-03-29

      I'm not sure if this has been done before but maybe people could post some of the templates or maps they have created.

      • uldics

        uldics - 2007-03-31

        I could post it, but my working place does not allow me to publicate anything, so i would just try to generalise my way of using Freemind.
        A main node is my position (manager, director, hehe tank commander or what you could think of). Left side child nodes are everyday tasks (prepare this prepare that, allways keep in mind that...), they are allways actual, never to be forgotten. I also keep my employees (with their employees) as bubbles on the left side. Including their first working date, sickness dates and so on as not bubbles (smaller). So to say, if I have to leave my job and another person has to take over, he can see what his job is and what the situation is.
        On the right side I keep my projects. On top the projects I have to take action on. On bottom, the projects I have done enough, they are actually done. In middle projects I have done enough for, but need to check up (call someone, to get to know how far is it done - my paper has got so and so far). Every project starts with first node as description of the problem. A child node is a description of what and when I have taken an action (with a link to an OpenOffice (or MS Word) document. The next childs are, every action from my side or anybodies side who has influence in the project.
        I use red cross icon in first child node to show I have to do anything. Telephone icon to show I have done enough, but have to call somebody to see, if the project isnt stopped anywhere in the process. Green check mark to show, work done. And a triangle mark, that I have to report of a projects progress to my boss.

        So far, as I use Freemind, I can do two positions at same time. Almost. At least it helps me being much more organised (I am very chaotic: when I was a schoolboy, my desk was a mess for my mom, not for me of course) and when i have to leave my work to somebody else, it just takes one tenth of time I used before I discovered Freemind. Good luck with the great project FreeMind! uldics


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