Burt - 2007-08-27

I've been aware of Freemind for a few years and tried it here and there. I came back after a long absence and really like what I see. I have some organizational problems when faced with the mountains of things I hope to accomplish -a little ADD+Asperger type thing.

Work is ok because it provides structure but getting any of my own longer term projects done is tough. I've got several animated films I hope to pitch and one novel. All of them have remained in my brain for several years with occasional bouts of artwork or writing a random bit or two.

I have begun using Freemind to break up the tasks I want to accomplish. I can work on different parts of my projects and see how that part moves towards completing the whole.

I'm really impressed by Freemind. I like the free form way it allows me to map out a project. I love the many expert options and the possibility to perhaps integrate it into a workflow with other apps.

Thanks for the excellent product.