Peter Schneider - 2012-12-29

I have been a mind mapping fan for a long time and I have seen already some mind mapping software, but yours is by far on the one hand the most easy to use and on the other hand the most powerful one. After using it for quite a while for brainstorming, organising my thoughts, creating the structure and starting point for a document and all the other typical things I lastly found out how useful this tool is for moderating workshops. You can visualise ideas and relationships so quick and the method is that intuitive, that people who never used a mind mapping tool intuitively understand the concept. It turned out that these people adopted this way of working as it leads to results extremely quick. As I love your tool so much I am not only using it myself and showing it to my customers, but I also recommend it to the students I coach, as I believe that this tool is also ideal for working on scientific thesis. So, you see you are having a big fan club, that is becoming even bigger. So please keep this project alive. Best regards and all the best wishes for the New Year!