MAX 0.8 version is awesome - Go for OOorg

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This app super-excedes the other open projects. May be you could valuate it more, like I do. May be you could make a proposal to OOorg people:

    - To provide some resources to this project.
    - To Work hard in Open document integration.
    - To have Freemind like part of Open Office apps.
    - To achieve benefits offering a package that MS Office don't offer.
    - To make great anounces like: Now with FreeMind ..!
    - To make a strong group for future SVG manipulation and other issues.

    With timer plugin, for example, this app could be extended like a "planner-mind maps-organigram" app right out of the box in OOorg.

    I don't know the in proof code details, but I think in Open Office framework like a very integrated Java environment. Just OOorg windows hidding the Freemind java power.

    I'm thinking too fast, too easy, too ambitious?

    Congrats and thanks for this every day use app and think about it.

    PD:// I'm not proposing to end this project, only to make a big extension branch.


    • uldics

      uldics - 2007-03-31

      Project management and office document writing is two diferent things. I don't see them so close together as You do. As I use FreeMind and OpenOfficeorg, I use links from minmaps to .odt files. But i love the idea of being free as free speech (also beer).


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