making decisions & spell chekcing (sic)

  • bsg

    bsg - 2007-05-28

    awesome program.  I used it to weight the pros v. cons of one of the biggest decisions in my life and I could not be more confident in my decision.  now i use it for every weighty decision, as well as a slew of other things:to-do list, recipes, etc.  Is there a way to incorporate a firefox style spell checker in the next version?


    • bigfoot_gb

      bigfoot_gb - 2007-05-29

      I also love the program and will persist with it but not sure I can live without a spell checker.  I am dyslexic and my spelling is extremely poor.

    • Magnon

      Magnon - 2007-05-31

      Just want to mention that
      this is a GREAT idea :)

      -Magnon Damant


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