tvalentyn - 2012-03-16

Dear Freemind developers!

Your product is a life-changing software! I use it to organize my thoughts, ideas, dreams,  and projects  in almost every sphere of my life. It the most useful software tool I ever used, and it contributes to my everyday life now a great deal… thank you! Freemind is awesome! It boosts free flow of one's thoughts, and it makes one's  mind free. If we can think of our mind as of a thoughts container - it has some limits - all containers have. but using Freemind you can free your mind from those limits and can enjoy handling unlimited amount of thoughts. Isn't that great?

Guys, be assured that all those people, who already said their big fat juicy thank-you are only the tip of an iceberg formed by all people, who express their deepest gratitude to you each time they use your tool. It is worth your time and efforts, and you contribute to the society a huge lot. Last but not least, I think it's a pride for a mankind  that such useful tools can be a free software nowadays!
Have fun and may many more great rewarding projects be created by you, dear developers!
Good luck!
Valentyn, Ukraine.