I use free mind daily to keep track of what needs to get done and what has gotten done.  Great product.

Favorite features:

1.  Ability to do pretty much everything without using the pesky mouse; but still having a GUI to move around in.  It is really nice to have hot keys for everything (I do).  Almost no one seems to get this right; you guys do.

2.  Automatically saving maps by default.

3.  Collapsable nodes.

(though perhaps it is Windows interpretation of Java)-  When switching from one monitor to another free-mind sometimes (maybe 1 in 3 times) refuses to re-draw itself properly.

Additional Features that would be great to see:

1.  Ability to add icons.  Linking images is not the same; this seems like more of an organizational tool; then something to build a presentation out of.  Key is speed.  Alt+I with a one time cost of set up is not comparable to linking an image each time....