David Corbacho - 2010-08-15

I was trying to find a tool for keep my web developer notes and thanks to this thread http://stackoverflow.com/questions/78756/what-do-you-use-to-keep-notes-as-a-developer

I found you and I'm so happy I did.

It was long time ago I didn't have the feeling of "oh my god!, this is awesome software"

First was thinking to put only developer notes, but now I'm thinking to put ALL of my thoughts, ideas, notes, reminders in Freemind. I find specially useful the WYSIWYG notes as extra-comments for external links.

You should put that screencast video in the frontpage. Why?
Because, I was not impressed by the screenshots, is even more… I almost close the page.

But then when I saw the video, I saw how you can create fastly and intuitively the nodes. It's great because your thoughts don't get interrupted by the software. And your screencast shows this "flow" really well.
Then I installed v.08, but I didn't realize that the features of the video is about the v.0.9 so I have to re-install it.

Thank you for this software
Thank you for listening to users
Thank you for keeping it open source and free
Thank you for mantaining it after many years
Thank you for be so smart people to create this tool