You're lifesavers - next challenge?

  • Alex

    Alex - 2012-11-17

    I've been using FreeMind for years, and to be honest it's been instrumental in organising - and presenting - ideas, projects and even analyses.

    However, I'm missing it more and more. Because as opposed to when I first started using FreeMind, when the computer was what was most mobile, today it's the tablet. In my specific case, Android (other platforms same case, though, I'm sure!). So, now when I'm out and about with my tablet I find I have to use other mMind Maps which get the job done, but not as well, and when I get back to my computer I find I can't integrate that mindmap into FreeMind. The result is, I'm using FreeMind less and less, not because I want to, but because I'm "forced" to!

    So, I'm missing FreeMind more and more. You guys have done such an amazing job for everyone, truly hats off. Is there any chance you will continue your good work and launch a tablet app FreeMind? I would pay if need be, to be able to continue using FreeMind on y tablet, send the mindmap to my computer and continue developing the idea on the laptop.

    So as cheeky as I feel for doing this, a heartfelt plea. Please?!

  • Mike Petonic

    Mike Petonic - 2012-12-18

    I use Freemind on my Mac Air, and I use iThoughts on my iphone/ipad.   Using Dropbox, I can easily integrate the two envionments.  iThoughts has a good sync mechanism with Dropbox (or as well).

    My use case is that I type up my golf notes from the range or when I'm playing.  So, when I get out to the golf couse, if I just want to get my head around what my swing thoughts or notes are, I pull up iThoughts on my phone and review my notes.

    It's also useful professionally since I type meeting notes in Freemind and have those synced, too.

    But in meetings at customer sites, I always have my MacAir with me.  Can't beat the real keyboard for data entry.  But if I didn't do that, I bet (using an external keyboard), that iThoughts would work just fine for data capture, too.


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