homecoder - 2009-03-25

I was referred to FreeMind by a colleague who is an engineer, he mentioned only a small part of its feature set - it allows you map your thought process.

Being a professional PHP Developer, and developing the architecture for my sites myself, it has always been a daunting task to keep in mind the intended layout of the site, as well as keep track of tasks related to such areas (specified). 

Even though this is only a very small portion of the features that FreeMind has - it is a divine gift, at the very least.  It has also proven to allow me to show customers, both potential and existing a professionally laid out concept of the web application.  It has allowed me to bridge a personal gab of communicating technical information to non-technical users.

I must also say that I LOVE to no end that you can use the keyboard for virtually EVERY SINGLE FEATURE which makes using the application blazing fast, not to mention a shallow learning curve to get started.

I would recommend this application to ANYONE who needs to bring what is in their head out on "paper", without using real paper.

Please, keep up the good work, I won't look anywhere else for this type of application.