Pasi Lehtimäki - 2007-09-13

Thank you all for developing such a great app! I consider Freemind to be one of the most useful applications one can have. For example, my master's thesis wouldn't be nowhere near ready if I hadn't been able to gather my information so easily with Freemind. On top of that I Freemind almost on everey meeting at work. There just isn't a better way to keep notes of future todos and related stuff.

Usability of Freemind is on class of its own. The very intuitivie user interface combined with superior choice of keyboard shortcuts allows me to concentrete on the tasks on my hands instead of thinking about Freemind.

Sorry for sounding so cheesy but I just cannot thank you enough for releasing this good and useful app for free! Can't wait to get java running on my N800 to get Freemind on it. It would make such a killer application!