widescr display problem in 0.9RC4 on linux

  • rike

    rike - 2009-08-03

    using a widescreen laptop (system76 pangolin)

    in freemind: on 100% zoom using 12 through 16 point font, chinese characters are not completely visible: only part of characters are seen. If I increase size to 18 point, then I can see the whole character; same if i decrease size to 10 point. If I keep the font at 12 point, and increase or decrease the zoom level, the characters are visible, but all characters, including chinese and regular english alphabet, looks terrible: there is some kind of horizontal color separation or something, making it difficult to read. There is one font, "AR PL UKai TW" that does display the whole character, but I don't want to use it as it is hard to read.

    please, please, please fix in the final release of 0.9.

    Let me know if I can add more info...

    • rike

      rike - 2009-08-03

      I can't edit my post, so here's an addition:

      I'm using Ubuntu 9.04


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